Creative Services

A PowerPoint presentation, video, opening general session performance, or even a single event logo can make a powerful impact on meeting or event attendees. We understand just how effective these communications mediums and material can be — that’s why we offer comprehensive creative services around the world.

Creative services by our event specialist include all collateral and material needs that you may need to contract through a design team or communications firm, but we pride ourselves in offering these in-house services to our clients. 

Our creative team can create branding for your event, including a supplemental logo, color palette and other design elements. We can design collateral to fit the duration of your event or meeting, including invitations, programs, menus, agendas, seating cards, name badges and signage.

Our capabilities also include creative media services through video production and presentation content creation.

We have extensive in-house capabilities to create content for meetings and events, including the following items:

• Branding and identity development
• Speaker support materials
• Logo design
• Graphic design and printing
• On-screen graphics
• Set design
• Renderings
• Meeting collateral
• Invitation design and distribution
• Collateral design
• Sponsorship packets
• Marketing materials
• Registration sites
• Attendee packets
• Video production
• Presentation creation